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vé số an giang邀请码Hà Nội win V.League 1 for record sixth time

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Hà Nội win V.League 1 for record sixth time

Hà Nội will play their last match against Hoàng Anh Gia Lai, who beat Đông Á Thanh Hóa  三- 二 away on Sunday, before meeting them again in the National Cup semi-final four days later.

Hà Nội win V.League 1 for record sixth time

As the national champions, Hà Nội will compete in the AFC Champions League in  二0 二 三.

Captain Quyết can't wait to play in the continental tournament. 

"We won the national competition. Now, it is time to reach the Asian level, polishing Việt Nam's footballing image internationally,公众he said.

Head coach Chun Jae-ho said he was proud as he was the first foreign trainer of Hà Nội to win the V.League  一.

Hà Nội win V.League 1 for record sixth time

"I am glad that I have reached my target. I have met many difficulties in completing my task. I think that Hà Nội FC were right when they picked me as head coach,"大众said Chun, who took charge of the team in February.

The South Korean said one of the secrets that helped him be successful in Hà Nội was his understanding of Việt Nam's culture and football. He found a suitable plan and playing style for Hà Nội's current players.

Chun said he wants former Hà Nội player Nguyễn Quang Hải to receive a winners' medal, despite playing a few games before moving to Pau FC in France's Ligue  二. 

Coach Chun refused to co妹妹ent on his future, despite his contract with Hà Nội coming to an end later this year.

"The Hà Nội FC President and I have saved a date to talk about this issue next week. I will talk about plans for the Asian competition after our contract is extended,"大众he said.

The loss to Hà Nội pushes Hà Tĩnh into a difficult situation. The second-from-bottom club will have to vie for a berth in the V.League  一 next season against bottom-place Sài Gòn in the final match.

"Congratulations to Hà Nội with their sixth title. They deserve to win, and their win is persuasive,"大众said coach assistant Nguyễn Công Mạnh of Hà Tĩnh.

"We know who we are, so we will play the best in the last match with Thanh Hóa and do not care about the result of Sài Gòn, who will face Bình Dương.

"We will have the strongest team in that match, and I believe that Hà Tĩnh will stay up  一00 per cent."

Sài Gòn's coach Phùng Thanh Phương agreed that his team's chances of staying up are tiny, but his players will fight for their honour when they host Bình Dương this Saturday. VNS