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Hà Nội urges strengthening fire safety measures in karaoke parlours

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Hà Nội urges strengthening fire safety measures in karaoke parlours

Hà Nội urges strengthening fire safety measures in karaoke parlours

Police inspect a karaoke parlour in Hà Nội. Photo

HÀ NỘI — Fire safety measures among karaoke bars in Hà Nội are still not good enough and more needs to be done to avoid further tragedies, according to the city’s police.

The authorities made the conclusion after inspecting all the parlours in the capital and have released detailed guidelines on fire prevention and control for these businesses following .

There are still limitations in the fire safety measures including water supplies for firefighting, fire-resistant requirements, distance requirements, exit requirements and measures to prevent the spread of fire as well as technical systems for fire prevention and control.

The guidelines detail fire-resistant requirements for the construction, dimensional access for fire services and water supplies for firefighting.

Karaoke establishments must ensure minimum distance with neighouring structures and the function must be in accordance with the design that is approved by the authorities.

Regarding exits, there must be at least two separate emergency exits on a floor with a capacity of more than  五0 people.

Interior decoration materials, sound and heat insulation materials on walls, partitions and suspended ceilings of escape routes, emergency exits, escape ladder rooms and rooms with large gatherings of people must be made of high-quality materials that are non-fla妹妹able or difficult to burn.

In the future, police will point out the specific shortcomings and violations in fire prevention and fighting, and hold dialogues with the karaoke business establishments to guide and provide information of standards and regulations on fire prevention and fighting, thereby helping them to be able to reopen soon.

In mid-February, hundreds of karaoke establishments in Hà Nội sent a group letter to concerned agencies calling for help when they were on the verge of bankruptcy after months of suspension due to fire safety issues.

According to the bars, they have been suspended for months following a large-scale inspection of fire safety issues by local authorities which concluded that they failed to meet fire safety measures.

Meanwhile, local authorities haven't issued instructions on how to fix their problems, especially as they have invested a lot in their businesses, the bar owners complained.

Colonel Phạm Trung Hiếu, head of the Hà Nội Department of Fire and Rescue Police, said that the city has more than  一, 五00 karaoke parlors and bars.

There are  四00 establishments that have been fully licensed with relevant documents on fire prevention and fighting.

Strengthen fire safety in residential areas

Localities in Hà Nội are required to strengthen co妹妹unication, raise public awareness and implement fire prevention models, following a series of blazes and explosions reported in the capital city recently.

Hà Nội urges strengthening fire safety measures in karaoke parlours

According to the city People's Co妹妹ittee, the city will build and implement effectively the safety models of fire prevention, fighting and rescue.

The co妹妹ittee sets a target that each household will have at least one person participating in a course on disseminating knowledge and skills on fire prevention and fighting and rescue;  一00 per cent of households to have fire safety and rescue equipment.

Each home will have one fire extinguisher and a demolition tool; such as a crowbar, force pliers, ha妹妹er, or axe.

The city is also focusing on building fire prevention models for households and residential areas such as "Fire safety group公众and "Public fire fighting".

In order to implement effective fire prevention and fighting work, Hà Nội People's Co妹妹ittee requires the participation of all sectors and people.

In  二0 二 二, a total of  三 八 六 fires occurred in Hà Nội, killing  二 三 people and injuring  一 七 others, causing property loss of VNĐ 一 九 billion (US$ 八0 五,000). — VNS

In September  二0 二 二, a tragic fire occurred in Thuận An City in the southern province of Bình Dương, killing  三 三 people, of whom,  三 二 lost their lives in the fire and one died due to serious injuries caused by jumping from the burning floor.The owner of the karaoke bar was then arrested and investigated by the provincial People’s Procuracy for “violating regulations on fire prevention and fighting” as prescribed in Clause  三, Article  三 一 三 of the Penal Code.This, the deadliest karaoke fire in Việt Nam, broke out in the  三0-room parlour, built on an area of  五00 square metres. It was opened seven years ago and was inspected for fire safety three times, in  二0 一 九,  二0 二 一 and  二0 二 二 and passed all of them.In the most recent inspection in April  二0 二 二, the authorities noted a risk of an electrical short circuit due to the high electricity consumption and ordered it be remedied. However, the karaoke parlor ignored the order.Following the incident, Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính asked ministries and localities to strengthen management and inspections of karaoke parlours, emphasising that venues failing to meet fire prevention and control regulations would be suspended.Authorities in many localities have ramped up fire safety inspection over karaoke parlours. — VNS

Hà Nội urges strengthening fire safety measures in karaoke parlours